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An area rug can be a great accessory for any room. It can give it that personality and atmosphere that you desire. Rugs are especially useful if you prefer not to use carpet in every room in your house. Owning rugs, though, isn’t all peaches and cream. There is another investment, other than the cost, involved in owning area rugs. And that is putting in the time to keep them clean and in good condition. And with as pricey as some rugs can get, taking care of them should be a top priority.

Although cleaning rugs can sometimes be difficult, it is still within your capabilities as long as you know what you are doing. All you need is a little patience and some basic techniques. Here are some effective rug cleaning tips to help you get your rugs looking their best.


  • Vacuum Regularly – Some people don’t vacuum their rugs as often as they should, especially when they have dark ones that don’t show dirt as well. Regular vacuuming is essential for preventing dust and dirt build-up, which is even harder to remove. If left unattended, this type of build-up can slowly destroy your rug over time. Vacuuming twice a week is recommended to prevent dust or dirt from accumulating, thus helping you prolong the lifespan of your rug.


  • Move Your Rugs Around – If you have several rugs in different rooms, another tip for easy cleaning and maintenance is to move them around from time to time. This can be a great way to balance the amount of dirt and dust that gets exposed to the rug. A rug in a high traffic area, such as the living room, will tend to suffer from more wear and tear than a rug in the study, for example. Swapping the rugs around will balance the wear and tear and can also make cleaning more manageable.


  • Check the Labels – Before cleaning your rug, make sure to check the cleaning instructions for your rug and the labels of any cleaning products for compatibility. Some people think that all rugs are all the same, but this is not true. Some rugs require more specific cleaning techniques and not doing so can quickly ruin a rug. Always check the labels and make sure to follow the directions, This will give you the best chance of getting your rug properly cleaned.


Maintaining your area rugs is not an impossible task. Follow these tips and you’ll find that keeping your rugs in their best condition isn’t as hard as you initially thought.