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The best way to get your carpet cleaned is to hire a professional carpet cleaner to take care of the stains. You can also try using some carpet cleaning products that are available on the market. But if your carpet is just mildly stained, and the stain is still fresh, you might want to use some homemade solutions to take care of the problem. Here are some of the products that you can use at home to clean carpet stains on your own.
Vinegar Solution
In a spray bottle, mix one part white vinegar with one part water. Spray the solution onto the stain until the area is saturated. Let the solution sit for up to 15 minutes before blotting it with a clean sponge. Try not to rub at the area. You want to gently blot, so as to not push the elements further into the carpet. Next, rinse the area with warm water. After rinsing, brush the pile into its original direction. Dry the carpet by placing layers of white paper towels or clean, cloth towels on top of the wet area. Place a book on top of the pile to help the towels absorb faster.
Ammonia Solution
Interestingly, while an acidic vinegar solution may be used to clean carpet stains; an alkaline ammonia solution may also be used for the same purpose. Dilute one teaspoon of household ammonia in one cup of water. You may place this solution in a spray bottle or you may also pour a few drops directly into the carpet. Be careful not to wet the carpet’s backing. Apply only a little of the solution at a time. You can always add more later. As with the previous method, blot the area with the solution, rinse with water, and then dry using clean towels.
Detergent Solution
A dish or hand soap may also be used to clean carpet stains as long as they do not contain lanolin or any bleaching agent. Combine a quarter teaspoon of soap with one quart of water. Apply the solution to the area and blot it with clean towels or a sponge. Remember not to rub at the stain. This will only push the dirt and elements further into your carpet. Once the area is clean make sure to rinse with water and dry thoroughly.
For mild carpet stains, water may still do the trick. Re-hydrate the stain by pouring or spraying some water on the area. Blot the area using clean towels. For large spills, you might also want to use a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, if you have one available to you.
These carpet cleaning solutions are best used when the stains are still fresh. But if the stain has already been on the carpet for days or weeks, it is better to ask for the assistance of professional carpet cleaners.