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One of the most difficult problems for a carpet owner is getting it and keeping it clean. There are a lot of different cleaning problems that can make this a challenging task. One problem which can really be a nightmare for carpet owners is getting chewing gum stuck on the carpet fibers. Both kids and adults like to chew gum and sometimes they can accidentally drop it on your carpet which can be a big cause of frustration.


Many owners facing this problem resort to cutting parts of the carpet fibers to help remove the gum thinking that there is no other way to do it. Well, there is another way and one which won’t have you cutting off parts of your beautiful carpet. Below is an effective guide to help you remove chewing gum that’s stuck in your carpet fibers.


  1. Try to Pick it Up Immediately –Once you have dropped gum on your carpet, try to pick it up right away to see if you can remove it without having any problems. Sometimes, the gum doesn’t stick immediately and you can still get it off without any hassles. If this is the case, then you are very lucky. If it gets stuck on the carpet fibers right away, then you need to proceed to the next step to get it off.
  2. Remove as Much Gum as Possible – The next step in trying to get rid of the chewing gum on your carpet is to try and remove as much of the gum as possible. If there are parts of the gum which is not stuck on the carpet, you can try to remove them using scissors. Be careful not to cut the fibers of the carpet when doing this though.
  3. Freeze the Gum Using Ice Cubes – Get some ice cubes from your freezer and apply it to the surface of the chewing gum. Do this for several minutes until the gum freezes which will make it easier to remove. Once the gum is already frozen, try to pick the gum up using your hands. You’ll see that it can be removed easier this way.



Chewing gum getting stuck on your carpet is not the end of the world. You don’t need to get your scissors to cut and ruin your carpet fibers. You also don’t need to replace your carpet. You can remove that gum without having to resort to extreme measures. Just use the simple and effective steps above and you’ll surely get rid of that without any problems.