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Carpet Cleaning to Avoid Health Risks

A dirty carpet can cause respiratory illnesses, induce allergy attacks, or trigger an asthma episode. It can initiate headaches, nausea, and skin problems. Children, pets, and those with outstanding medical conditions are especially prone to medical problems that can be rooted from an improperly maintained carpet.

This is somewhat ironic, because in fact, houses with carpet flooring are scientifically proven to have a higher quality or cleaner indoor air. This is because carpet traps dust, soils, pollen, and foreign particles in its fibers. Instead of being freely airborne, these allergens are then imprisoned in a single space.

If the carpet is regularly vacuumed and clean, the dirt, dust, dander, and particles are effectively removed from the carpet and out of the house. However, the problems arise when the carpet stays unattended for a long time. It may become saturated will all the contaminants it has filtered, and with minimum movement, the overflowing allergens can be sent back into the air once again, easily entering the respiratory systems of household members.

Another reason for diseases caused by a dirty carpet is the presence of dust mites that feed on human skin cells, fungi, and bacteria. The dirtier a carpet, the more attractive it will be as a breeding place for dust mites. Studies show that a majority of US residents are allergic to dust mites, and contact with or inhalation of the excrement and dead body parts of these tiny creatures can cause them terrible skin rashes, runny noses, and itchy eyes.

Not only must you need to keep your carpet clean, it is also just as important to keep it completely dry. A wet carpet encourages mold, fungi or mildew growth, another favorite habitat of allergens and bacteria. Mold spores and the toxins that they carry can enter a human body through inhalation or ingestion. This can cause various health problems, from rhinitis to stomach pain, to toxic illnesses caused by prolonged exposure to mycotoxins.

Thus, it is important to take advantage of carpet’s air-cleaning capacity by keeping it thoroughly clean and dry at all times. Vacuum regularly to remove soils, particles, and everyday debris from its fibers. For carpet emergencies, responding immediately is the appropriate action, so it’s best to keep a basic arsenal of carpet cleaning supplies in the house.

Invest in professional carpet cleaning services to supplement your regular cleaning and see the difference in terms of appearance, smell, and durability brought by expert maintenance. A dry carpet is important and you may opt to select a dry cleaning method for faster and more efficient cleaning. Cleaning through moisture-controlled agents removes deep-seated soils and dirt and leaves no shampoo residue that can damage the carpet material and attract more dirt.

Finally, encourage proper air ventilation. In good weather and great seasons, open the windows and let fresh air and sunlight inside – the good old fashioned way to keep the house warm and fresh for a long time.