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Cleaning up your carpet and eliminating the countless types of cleaning hazards such as dust, dirt, and stains is one task that every carpet owner has to perform. One essential material you would need to get good results is a cleaning solution to get rid of the nasty stains and dirt on your beautiful carpet. One may think that only commercial carpet cleaners which are made out of different kinds of chemicals can do the job, but this is not exactly the case. There are options that you can use to clean your carpet using natural substances.

Cleaning your carpet the natural way is very possible and does have a lot of benefits. For one, it is environment friendly. You won’t have to worry about toxic chemicals that are sometimes contained in commercial carpet cleaning products which can be harmful to you or to mother nature. Another advantage is that these options are a lot more affordable than buying branded commercial carpet cleaning solutions. If you want to get started and clean your carpet using natural means, read the tips below to find out more.

1. Lemon Juice – Another natural product which you can utilize in cleaning up after stains on your carpet is lemon juice. Yes, the liquid that we use to make delicious lemonade can also be a great natural substitute for commercial carpet cleaning products. Lemon is very cheap and can easily be bought in stores. The lemon juice itself does not need to be mixed with any other substances. Simply squeeze the juice out of a fresh lemon and then place it inside a spray bottle. Then, apply it onto the stain and let it soak for five minutes. Then, use a clean white cloth to blot the stain repeatedly until it is completely gone. Make sure you rinse your carpet with water after this to make sure no residue is left behind.
2. Vinegar – Vinegar is a kitchen ingredient used to make our food become tastier and flavorful. There are many varieties of vinegar but all of them are made using the fermentation of natural food products such as rice, coconut, and sugarcane among others. This natural substance has a lot of uses and one of which is helping get rid of dirt and stains on your carpet. Vinegar can also be effective in deodorizing the unpleasant smell which has attached to your carpet. To use vinegar, simply pour a teaspoon of it inside a spray bottle and add a ¾ cup of water to create a cleaning solution. Then, apply this cleaning solution on stains and blot it afterward to help remove it from your carpet.

Cleaning your carpet the natural way can help you clean your carpet without resorting to chemical-based carpet cleaning products. With the two options above, you can clean and remove the stains on your carpet using natural and effective eco-friendly products.