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Water damage is a tough problem that homeowners never want to experience. Sadly, it is not an uncommon issue and often carpet owners are left figuring out how to return their carpets back to good condition before the problem. One such kind of water damage on your carpet is due to sanitary flooding. Sanitary flooding means the water source of the flood on your carpet is from a sanitary source, which is a lot easier to deal with than unsanitary water damage. Dealing with such problem would still require the proper procedure so that you will be able to return your carpet to the way it was before the flooding. Here are some of the tips that you should follow in order to have the best chance of restoring your carpet after sanitary flooding.

1. Minimize or Avoid Using the Wet Carpet – This is important because when wet, the latex which is holding the backings of the carpet becomes weak and thus becomes more prone to damage. This is why you should minimize or avoid using the carpet altogether until it is completely dried up.
2. Clean Up As Soon As Possible – It is essential that you act fast and quickly try to clean up the water damage on the carpet. The water can really deteriorate the carpet’s condition so cleaning up the mess will give you the best chance of returning it to its original condition. Start first by shutting off the source of the water and then proceeding in extracting the excess water on the carpet and begin the drying process.
3. Keep the Carpet Elevated – When drying the carpet after sanitary flooding, it is always best to keep it elevated. Use a cutter to separate the carpet from the floor in sections and then use a chair or any other furniture to keep it elevated at all times. This will help in removing the excess fluids and aiding in the drying process.
4. Use Industrial Fans for Best Results – When drying the carpet after sanitary flooding, it is best to use industrial fans to help hasten drying the carpet. Industrial fans can dry the carpet in a shorter amount of time as compared to regular fans so you can save yourself a couple of hours of so if you use the former in drying your carpet.

Sanitary flooding can be a pain and cause real damage to the carpet. Keep the tips above in mind to help you properly restore your carpet to pre-flood conditions.