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Maximizing the Life of Your Carpet

Carpet is expensive. And because of this fact it would be wise to take proper care of it when you have it. Regular cleaning and maintenance will not only keep your carpet clean and looking great, it will also help to prolong the life of it. Carpet is one of those things that you don’t want to have to buy too often.

There are a number of steps you can take to keep your carpet in tiptop shape. The first and foremost is keeping it clean. Performing regular maintenance on your carpet is essential to having it last you many, many years. The simplest and most effective cleaning process you can do is vacuum. Vacuum your carpet at the minimum, once a week. If you can do more then all the better. Vacuuming gets up all the debris that your carpet will collect in any given time frame. Keeping this debris out of your carpet will not only keep it clean and healthy but also keep your home environment the same way.

Another aspect of cleaning is spot removal. Make sure to clean up spills and stains as soon as you see them. The quicker you can act the better chance you have of a successful cleaning. Keep a clean up kit handy. Include items such as clean towels, spray bottles, spot removers, and a bucket.

Initiate new rules in your home that will help reduce the wear and tear of everyday life on your carpet. Start a no shoes policy. The obvious reason is that shoes are more aggressive on carpet. But bare feet can leave oils in your carpet fibers that can lead to staining. Wear socks or slipper whenever you are on the carpet.

Put doormats in front of every entry point of your home. This will keep you from bringing in any hitchhikers from outside onto your carpet. Doormats combined with no shoes should greatly reduce the amount of outside debris. Preventive maintenance is always better than dealing with situations after the fact.

Move your furniture every few months. You don’t necessarily have to rearrange your rooms. Just moving your furniture a few inches will allow those indentions time to spring back into shape and keep them from becoming permanent.

One last thing to remember is to hire a professional carpet cleaner once a year to give your carpet a deep, thorough cleaning. This will rejuvenate your carpet and get it back to square one. It’s sort of a reset button for your carpet. Doing this once a year and keeping up with your regular maintenance should keep your carpet clean and healthy for years to come.