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Eating in front of the television is probably one of the best was to enjoy your favorite movie or television show. Munching on some chicken or fries will not be complete without having some ketchup on the side. Sadly, one common problem with this kind of situation is that spills can occur and you can end up with bright red ketchup stains on your wool rugs. Wool rugs are nice to have in your home but keeping it clean and stain-free can be a tough job.

Removing the ketchup stains on your wool rugs can be a daunting task for those inexperienced homeowners. It can be tough to get out of the rug fibers if you do not know the right cleaning method to use. Solving this problem though is very doable if you just follow the simple steps below to get your rug clean and looking like brand new once again.

Remove the Excess Ketchup – This is to prevent it from making the stain worse and spreading to other areas of the rug. Scoop up the excess ketchup using a blunt knife or a spoon so that you can start cleaning up the stain on your rug.

  • Create a Cleaning Solution – Make a cleaning solution using a mixture of non-bleach detergent and white vinegar. Mix a teaspoon of each with a liter of warm water to make an effective cleaning agent to remove the ketchup stain. Place this inside a spray bottle and apply it onto the affected area.
  • Blot the Ketchup Stain – Using a clean white cloth or paper towels, start blotting the soiled area from the outside moving inwards. This will help in transferring the stain from the rug fibers onto the surface of the cloth or paper towel.
  • If the Stain Persists, Repeat the Previous Step – If you fail to remove the stain completely after blotting it once, repeat the step by spraying it again using the cleaning solution. Let it soak for a few minutes and then start blotting again. Repeat this until all of the stain is removed.
  • Rinse the Area with Water – Finish things off by rinsing the area you cleaned with water and then drying it up using clean towels or rags. This prevents build-up from happening which can cause damage to your rug.

Ketchup stains can really ruin your wool rug, especially if it is white or light colored. Solve this problem by following the steps above so that you’ll get rid of any ketchup stain in no time.