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Having clean and fresh carpet can really make a big difference in the ambience and feel of a room. Keeping your carpet spotless though can be hard, as it faces a lot of everyday threats to its cleanliness. One of the more common issues is mud stains. Mud stains can find their way onto your carpet through countless scenarios. It can come from a visitor forgetting to clean his shoes after walking through the yard. Pets are also a source of mud stains. Pet owners know how much their pets love to run around outside and then bring all that mud into the house. Mud stains are a pain because they make your carpet dirty as well as unhygienic. It is even worse if you have light colored carpet.

Getting rid of mud stains can be difficult because they can really get deep into the carpet fibers. Removing them should be a priority and to help you out here are some steps that can get that mud stain out of your carpet.

If you find mud on your carpet, do not clean it right away. Yes, you read it correctly. Most stains require you to clean them immediately but with mud you need to let it completely dry up before doing anything. This makes it much easier to remove it from your carpet.

When the mud completely dries up on your carpet, use a brush to remove as much of the dried up mud, which is now basically dirt, as possible. After you brush the area, use a vacuum to extract the remaining particles. Repeat this process until you have removed as much of it as you can.

Next, use a cleaning agent to get the remaining stain out. You can take your pick on what kind of solution to use. You can use a non-bleach detergent or a carpet shampoo, as both are effective in removing this type of stain. Apply a small amount of the cleaning agent on a clean white cloth and then blot the area. Once the cloth becomes soiled turn it over to a clean side and continue. Repeat this step until you have completely removed the mud stain.

Once you get rid of the stain, it is important that you rinse the area with water. This will remove the excess detergent or carpet shampoo on your carpet. After rinsing, make sure to dry the area completely.

Following these simple steps you will surely be able to get rid of any mud stain and return your carpet to its former glory.