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Rubber cement can come in pretty handy around the house. This type of adhesive can be used to stick together a lot of different things. From household furniture to schoolwork and even for hobbies that you might have, rubber cement can be very useful. One negative side effect that could happen as a result of using rubber cement is accidentally spilling it onto your carpet.


Rubber cement on your carpet can be very tricky. Spilling any kind of adhesive solution onto your carpet can result in the fabric being ruined and all clumped together. You would never want to have this experience but in the event that you are facing this very problem, it is important that you know the proper procedure to get through it without resorting to cutting your carpet fibers. Here is a guide to help you remove spilled rubber cement on your carpet.


  1. Scrape as much of the rubber cement off your carpet using a spoon or a dull knife. Always be careful when doing this step as you do not want to accidentally spread the stain further or damage your carpet in the process.
  2. Get some isoprophyl alcohol and pour some onto a clean white cloth. Then, dab the stain using the cloth and use a blotting motion. The alcohol will break down the remaining rubber cement on your carpet which will then be transferring from the carpet surface onto the cloth. Repeat this until you have removed all of the stain or the rubber cement stops transferring to the cloth.
  3. If after the previous step there is still some rubber cement stain on your carpet, mix a teaspoon of non-bleach dishwashing liquid with a quart of water. Place the solution inside a container such as a spray bottle which will help you control the amount of cleaning solution you use. Spray the stained area several times, making sure not to use too much, and then let it soak for two minutes.
  4. Get another clean white cloth and start blotting the area again. Continue on blotting until all of the rubber cement marks on your carpet is gone. Rinse the area with water before finishing up and then dry it using your wet/dry vac.


Rubber cement spills and stains can really spell disaster for you and your carpet. Don’t let these types of mishaps destroy your beautiful carpet. Follow the advice above and your carpet will soon be rid of any rubber cement stains and be clean and spotless again.