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Carpet is great in many different ways. It can improve the look and feel of a home as well as improve its aesthetic value. Carpet is a nice flooring option that you should keep well maintained for it to properly serve its purpose.

Unfortunately, keeping carpet clean is not something that can easily be done. Many carpet owners struggle with carpet cleaning and maintenance and some commit mistakes that can lead to damage and negative effects on their carpet. If you want to learn what these mistakes are and how to avoid them, read on to see what are the most commonly made mistakes when cleaning the carpet.

  • Using Bleach Detergent on Your Carpet – While it is true that household detergent can serve as a good alternative for commercial carpet cleaning products, one important detail to make note of is that you should only use the non-bleach variety. Bleach and your carpet do not mix well as it can cause discoloration and damage to your carpet fibers. Many carpet owners don’t pay that much attention when using a detergent and realize that it contains bleach only after their colored carpet shows the adverse effects. Be sure to always check that the detergent you are going to use does not contain bleach to avoid this from happening to you.
  • Not Cleaning Regularly – Some people think that cleaning their carpet once or twice a month will suffice. This is a big mistake and will only lead to a lot more difficulty when it comes time to clean your carpet. Dust and dirt accumulate rapidly within your carpet, especially in areas of the house that have a high volume of foot traffic, such as the living room. Cleaning your carpet only once or twice in a month will lead to a build-up of dust, dirt, and other unwanted particles, which can lead to deterioration of your carpet, both in terms of its physical appearance and its quality. Try to clean and vacuum your carpet regularly and frequently to avoid dealing with this problem.

Cleaning your carpet the right way should always be part of your approach. Follow the tips above and stay away from these common mistakes that can lead to disaster. Sometimes what may seem like a small mistake can result in big problems. Avoiding unnecessary errors will keep your carpet looking great and make your cleaning efforts less difficult.