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Everyone has a permanent marker in their homes because it serves several uses, whether it be for the office, school, or even just around the house. It comes in pretty handy for naming and labelling things but sometimes you can have an accident which would lead you to have permanent marker stains on your beautiful carpet. This is certainly quite a problem because permanent markers stains doesn’t come off of the carpet fabric easily. You wouldn’t want it to ruin your carpet’s look and appearance so figuring out ways to get it off is pretty important.

If you’re one of those experiencing this carpet cleaning predicament, you sure are in luck. Though it’s a difficult task, there are ways on how you can remove the permanent marker stains all on your own. Check out the guide below to find out how you can easily do this and get your carpet looking spotless and clean.

1. Once you have spilled the permanent marker ink or you have accidentally stained the carpet with it, quickly get a clean white cloth and dab it onto the affected area. This is the first aid tip that you can use as it can help in removing the permanent marker stain or at least making it a little lighter.
2. Next, get some isopropyl rubbing alcohol and douse a small amount of it onto another clean white cloth. Then, gently dab the permanent marker stain with it again. The rubbing alcohol aids in breaking down the stain so that it will become a lot easier to remove. Put some pressure when you dab it but still making sure not to use any rubbing motions as this can only make the stain worse.
3. Repeat doing the previous step and you’ll soon get rid of the permanent marker stain on your carpet. You may not see the results immediately but you will definitely be able to get it out of your carpet after several attempts.
4. Lastly, with the stain gone, you’ll just need to rinse the carpet with water to ensure that no residue is left behind. Dry it off using some clean rags and you’re done.

Permanent markers stains can be pretty challenging if you don’t know the proper steps to take. The next time you accidentally make a mess on your carpet using permanent markers, use the guide above so that you’ll be able to solve the problem quickly and without any problems.