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Soup is always a favorite companion to every meal. It is delicious and makes a nice comfort food on a cold, rainy night to keep you warm. The problem sometimes though is that accidents are possible and you can have a big spill on your carpet if you are not careful. Soup stains can be tough to remove and can really leave a big mark on your beautiful carpet thus leaving it ugly and unattractive.

Cleaning up this mess is problematic but it is very doable so long as you follow the correct procedure in doing so. Here is an easy-to-follow guide that you can use to clean up the ugly soup stain on your carpet at home to make it look spotless and beautiful once more.

1. Clear Up The Spill Area – This goes for both solid and liquid particles from the spill. Make sure that you clear the area first before attempting to clean the stain. Pick up the solid soup particles carefully using your fingers while for the liquid you can use a clean cloth to blot the area to remove it. Be careful not to spread the spill to unaffected parts of the carpet when doing this step.
2. Choose the Carpet Cleaning Product to Use – Next, you’ll need to choose which carpet cleaning product you will be using on the stain. You can opt to use a commercial carpet cleaning product for these types of stains if you have it at home. If you don’t have any available and you don’t want to spend additional money for it, you can make the cleaning solution yourself by mixing a teaspoon of white vinegar with a cup of warm water. Once you have the cleaning product of your choice, go to the next step.
3. Apply the Cleaning Solution onto the Stain – Next, get the cleaning product of your choosing and apply just enough of it onto the soup stain. Don’t use too much as this can cause residue to be left behind which can be harmful to the carpet.
4. Blot the Stain Using a Clean Cloth – After letting the stain soak for a moment, get a clean white cloth and proceed in blotting the soiled area of the carpet. Do this step repeatedly and you’ll notice that the stain will transfer slowly onto the cloth’s surface. Continue doing this until the entire stain is gone.
5. Rinse the Area – Before you finish up, make sure to rinse the place where the stain was with clean water and dry it using clean rags. This will remove any unnecessary residue from being left behind.