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Keeping the carpet clean is one of the household priorities for many homeowners. But taking care of your carpet is something that needs to be done properly. Sadly, some owners do not really put a lot of effort into carpet cleaning. Some think that there is only one way to clean carpet and therefore don’t really exert any effort into learning or practicing the proper cleaning techniques. Many commit common, unnecessary mistakes that end up ruining their carpet. Here are some of the common mistakes that you should avoid when cleaning your carpet.

· Not Reading The Instructions – Carpet comes with an owner’s manual for good reason. That little booklet may not look like much but it holds valuable information that you will need to properly take care of your carpet. Not reading it will increase the chances that you will use or do something that will ruin your carpet rather than clean it. Be sure to read and understand the cleaning guidelines for your carpet before attempting any do-it-yourself cleaning. This also goes for any cleaning product. Always read the labels on any cleaning product to make sure you use it properly on your carpet.

· Rubbing on the Stain – Spills and stains will occur on your carpet. Some carpet owners’ first reaction will be to immediately grab a towel and try to rub the stain away. This is one of the worse things you can possibly do to your carpet. Rubbing at a spill or stain is only going to push that substance further into the carpet, making your clean up efforts much more difficult. The proper action to take is to blot at the area with some gentle pressure. Press down and release. There may be occasions that call for a light agitation of the area. With this you want to use gentle, small circular motions.

· Not Rinsing After Cleaning– Some people are satisfied once they get the stain out of their carpet. Mission accomplished. What they do not realize is that the cleaning agent will leave residue if it is not properly rinsed away. The residue will actually attract more dirt and can cause the area to become even dirtier after your initial cleaning. It is important to thoroughly rinse and dry any area after cleaning it.

These mistakes may not sound like much to you but they can really cause some damage to your beautiful carpet. Avoiding these three mistakes will give you a better chance of keeping your carpet in good condition always.